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Garlicky Meatball Sandwiches

We are firm believers that there is no such thing as too much garlic. That's one of the reasons why we love these meatballs made with Garlic Galore. We made these in an Instantpot and they came out perfect.

One lb Ground Beef (Turkey works too)

One Packet Garlic Galore

One Cup Plain Breadcrumbs

Two Eggs

Vegetable Oil

24oz Pasta Sauce (we won't tell if you use a jarred variety)

Fresh Mozzarella

Fresh Rolls


Mix the meat, Garlic Galore, egg, and breadcrumbs together. Add 3-4 T of the pasta sauce and mix well. Roll into balls. You can use the saute feature on your Instantpot, but we prefer to fry them in a pan. You can also bake if you prefer, but the frying gives a nice crust and keeps them moist.

Place the remaining sauce in your Instantpot and add meatballs. Pressure cook for 30 minutes. After releasing the pressures, place the meatballs on rolls and top with sauce and cheese. Place under broiler for 3-4 minutes until cheese melts.

For an extra garlicky, over the top sandwich, turn your sandwich into garlic bread.

If you don't have an Instantpot, these can be made in a slow cooker or a regular pot and simmered. They should simmer for about 2 hours. The inside temperature should be 165 degrees.

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